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Sachin Zende-Builder Looted Honest Home Buyers

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Few week back Peter Fernandes from Vashi along with 4/5 his colleagues approach me. The issue was

Builder Cheated Hundreds of honest home buyers”

The story in short is

  • Sachin Zende a so called builder is cheating and looting honest innocent lower middle class, working middle class home buyers in Mumbai and surrounding areas.
  • Since 2010 Sachin started such activities in various part of Maharashtra Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Raigad District, Thane, Parts of Pune and also Nasik District.
  • In Mumbai in various areas including Shivaji Park, Malad ….. Complaints had been registered with local Police Stations but not much action. 
  • We decided to take up the issue. I ask Peter Fernandes to contact the affected people put it on Social Media and try to collect maximum affected, cheated people.
  • We met Shri Sanjay Kumar Police Commissioner Navi Mumbai 4th July, 2019 he had a round table conference with officials from Economic Offence Wing Police and affected home buyers from various areas

Home Buyers delegates meet Navi Mumbai Police Station

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  • Shri Sanjay Kumar, Police Commissioner gave instructions to EOW to registered fresh cases against Sachin Zende immediately.
  • He was shocked and surprised when was given to understand that similar type of FIR already existing in the local police station of Navi Mumbai Police Commissionaret area.  
  • Warrant also has been issued against Shri Sachin Zende by Consumer Court but no action has been seen.
  • He asked Deputy Commissioner of Police (Economic Offence Wing Shri Tushar Doshi) to look into the matter personally.
  • We organised special meeting of affected, cheated home buyers at Priyanka Banquet hall, Airoli on Sunday 14 July, 2019.
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DCP Shri Tushar Doshi along with his team attended the meeting and assured hundred plus home buyers (who attended the Meeting) that proper investigation action will be taken against the cheater.

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EOW DCP Shri Tushar Doshi, Dr. Kirit Somaiya and Home Buyers in the meeting

  • He also urged the small Investors/Home Buyers to register a fresh FIR with Navi Mumbai Police Commissionaret.
  • In next 2 days more than 80 members registered FIR

Message from Peter Fernandes

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  • Shri Jayant Rajurkar, Investigation Officer and Shri Manoj Tatugade, Writer Police Official were deputed for Sachin Zende investigation.
  • We also met the Raigad Police Superintendent at Alibaug submitted the complaint there also.
  • For next couple of week the affected Investors their leader Shri Peter Fernandes, My office consistently pursuit the matter with various Police Stations and Economic Offence Wing of Vashi Police.

On 14 Aug, 2019 Navi Mumbai Police Commissionret arrested Shri Sachin Zende

Police Informed us

“On our complaint Navi Mumbai Police Economic Offence Wing has today evening arrested Mr. Sachin Zende of

Nisarg Construction

Amrith Developers

Amrith Infraction

Nisarg Arcade

Nisarg Villa…

Who has cheated Hundreads of small Home Buyers from Vashi, New Mumbai, Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Raigad District areas.


Navi Mumbai Police presented Zende in the court and submitted the details about the fraud of Zende, to media and court.

Sachin Zende the fraudulent builder arrested

At last Maharashtra Police has arrested the fraudulent builder who was in a way wanted by dozens of police stations got has been arrested by Navi Mumbai Police Economic Offence Wing. He allegedly took money from several people and promised them flats, row houses and plots in Kamothe, Khopoli and Kondale-Chinchawli areas of Panvel. Navi Mumbai police registered offences against the builder under Indian Penal Code Section 420 (cheating) and provisions of the Maharashtra Ownership Flats (Regulation of the Promotion of Construction, Sale, Management and Transfer) Act.

          Four cases of cheating were registered against him at Khandeshwar police station in Navi Mumbai and one at Shivaji park police station, Mumbai. He was also wanted in some cases of cheque bounce. 182 cases pending in consumer courts. In 22 cases, warrants were also issued.

          Sachin Zende allegedly took money from several people and promised them flats, row houses and plots in Kamothe, Khopoli and Kondale Chinchawli areas of Panvel.

Peter Fernandes and Affected Home Buyers wrote/message to me and others

With the constant & timely intervention of Dr Kirit Somaiya the Belapur Police have finally managed to arrest  Mr Sachin Zendhe the owner of Amrith Infracon Pvt Ltd/ Nisarg Arcade / Nisarg Construction who has cheated many innocent homebuyers to the tune of more than 50crores. There have been several FIRS against Mr Sachin Zendhe.

Dr Kirit Somaiya who is fighting against such fraud developers, held several meetings with the affected homebuyers & Police officials to ensure the strictest action was taken against Mr Sachin Zendhe.

The affected members have been amazed & astonished by efforts put in by Dr Kirit Somaiya & are now seeing a ray of hope in getting their money back or getting justice also they feel our country is safe hands under the BJP regime who are doing all they can to protect the common man

Requesting all affected people of the above projects to come forward & reports the fraud so that such a person is not let loose to cheat other innocent home buyers

We continue to perused the matter of Zende

  • Peter Fernandes inform me….

The consumer forum Alibaug has issued Non Bailable warrant to the Commissioner of Police Navi Mumbai as Sachin Zendhe wasn't produced by Khandeshwar Police station on previous non bailable warrants issued to them.


I submitted the above NBW to Commissioner office (see inward no) & EOW dept they say we need to inform Taloja Jailor so if Sachin Zendhe is granted bail in present chargesheet no 148 he can get further arrested & produced at Consumer court Alibaug & further remanded to judicial custody if he doesn't pay up my dues

                                                                   Peter Fernandes

It is surprising and shocking that Zende had been cheating people since 2010. Cases had been registered against him at various Police Stations including Shivaji Park, Malad, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Pune and Nashik but no serious action had been taken till we took up the issue.



  • I certainly thanks Shri Sanjay Kumar Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner for taking serious interest and action.
  • Shri Peter Fernandes who himself got cheated by Sachin Zende, his efforts needed to be appreciated inspite of his odd hours of duties/job, consistently he is pursuing the matter with my office, various Police station and Judicial.
  • Hundreds of small investors/home buyers also spend time to fight for justice.
  • DCP Tushar Doshi who took up the issue and registered FIR initially we thanks him.
  • DCP Praveen Patil who took up the issue subsequently has pursued the issue to the logical end, he and his colleague API Shri Jayant Rajurkar and Shri Manoj Tatugade landed to the details arrested Shri Zende, drafted the case in detail and put Shri Zende behind the bar.
  • Shri Sachin Zende is in Taloja Police lockup till today as on 14 Sep 2019


  • Dozens of such fraudulent builders have looted/looting the small investors/home buyers.
  • It is needed that such home buyers must come together and approach the appropriate authorities.
  • Complaints/FIRs needed to be filed and pursued with police and judiciary etc.  We can learn from Shri Peter Fernandes and the home buyers of Sachin Zende Group of companies.
  • We must appreciate the special interest and efforts of Shri Sanjay Kumar, Police Commissioner, Navi Mumbai Police Station to get justice for the small investors and home buyers.
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Peter and his colleague in our Office