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“PF Chaos, 54 years old Birendra Tiwari shown as 34 years old.”

Kirit Nama - 11

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Mr. Birendra Parmatma Tiwari a dweller of a small chawl in Shivaji Nagar, Mankhurd, Mumbai had been moving from door to door of Provident Fund Commissionerate, local offices, regional officers, Delhi Headquarters to get corrected his Provident Fund records, age from 34 years to 54 years.

  • Mr. Birendra Tiwari got settled in Shiviji Nagar, Mankhurd in 1992, started working in a small scale industry.
  • His son Mr. Abhishekh, a BJP activist, approached me and asked me to help him to get his father’s record corrected. His father born on 8th July, 1965 but in PF Commissionerate record it is shown as 8th July, 1985 erroneously.
  • Mr. Abhishek contacted me on 7th September, 2019.

Message from Abhishek Tiwari

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  • I asked him to send all the details along with documents.
  • On 14th September, Mr Birendra Tiwari sent me an application along with documentary evidence about the error of year of his birth made by PF Commissionerate.

Complaint of Mr. Birendra Tiwari

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  • Mr. Birendra Tiwari has approached the PF Commissioner Office, Mumbai on 24thMay, 2019 again.
  • He submitted a joint declaration form signed by the member and employers for correction of his date of birth record/age.
  • The form signed by Mr. Birendra Tiwari and his employers VHM Industry Ltd. requesting the PF Commissionerate to correct the date of birth of Mr. Birendra Tiwari in the PF record from 08/07/1985 to 08/07/1965.

Joint declaration of age by Employer and Employee

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  • Mr. Birendra Tiwari also submitted copy of his Aadhar Card to the PF Commissionerate. In Aadhar Card the date of birth of Mr. Birendra Tiwari is mentioned as 08/07/1965.

Aadhar Card of Mr. Birendra Tiwari

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I wrote to PF Commissionerate, Thane office on 15th September along with documents to correct the date of birth of Mr. Birendra Tiwari.

Letter from Kirit Somaiya to PF Commissioner Thane

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  • As I know the family very well, I also sated in my letter that Mr. Birendra Tiwari’s son Abhishek is a BJP Youth Wing President of Shivaji Nagar area.
  • I also contacted the Provident Fund Commissioner, Thane and Provident Fund Commissioner, Eastern Suburban, Mumbai and also Additional Provident Fund Commissioner and Provident Fund Commissioner at Headquarters Delhi.
  • On 16th September I received a communication from Provident Fund Commissioner, Thane asking me to ask Mr. Birendra Tiwari to submit various documents about his date of birth.

Message from PF Commissioner Thane

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  • Immediately I contacted Sr. Provident Fund Commissioner and also Shri Pankaj Raman, Additional Provident Fund Commissioner at Delhi Headquarters.
  • I narrated them the last dozens of months’ harassment and non-cooperation by the local PF Commissionerate officials with Mr. Birendra Tiwari to correct his date of birth in their record.
  • The same harassments are supported by the Department.
  • Actually, there is provision in PF Rules and other Act also that in case of any confusion, the Civil Surgeon of a District after examination can issue a certificate about the proof of age of the concerned person.
  • For last two years Mr. Birendra Tiwari has been requesting PF Commissionerate officials but they replied that due to heavy rain/flood documents have lost.
  • He came to know about the mistake/wrong entry of his date of birth only when the PF Commissionerate gone online.
  • Till then he was not known about the error of 1985 birth day.
  • Once again I requested to correct the age records of Mr. Birendra Tiwari.
  • I WhatsApp them copy of medical verification age proof/certificate issued by Civil Surgeon of Thane, Maharashtra. 

Civil Surgeon's Certificate for Age of Tiwari

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  • At last things started moving, both Additional PF Commissioner Delhi, Mr. Pankaj Raman and Mumbai Eastern Suburbs PF Commissioner Ms Pooja Singh informed me that they have instructed the concerned officials to correct the date of birth of Mr. Birendra Tiwari.

Communication from Ms. Pooja Singh,

PF Commissioner Eastern Suburbs

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Communication from Mr. Pankaj Raman, Addl. PF Commissioner, Delhi

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  • On 17 September PF Commissioners informed me that the date of birth of Mr. Birendra Tiwari is corrected as 08/07/1965.

Communication from PF Commissioner Thane

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Communication from Mr. Pankaj Raman Addl. PF Commissioner Delhi

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  • It may be noted that if the birth date had not been corrected, than after retirement Mr. Birendra Tiwari would not have got his own PF money, pension. 
  • He was not allowed to withdraw his own money as birth date was erroneous. 
  • He is working with present employer since 2009, every month PF is deducted and deposited and credited in same account but withdrawal was not allowed. 
  • Thanks to positive officials like Shri Pankaj Raman and Ms. Pooja Singh and Mr. Birendra Tiwari's Social Security PF is protected, he will get it when he wishes.