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“One House sold to many”

Kirit Nama – 17

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Mr. Mahesh Patil gets back Rs. 23 Lakhs 50 Thousand after a rigourous struggle of a year

Selling one house/residence to many,getting cheated is experienced by many. Getting back the given money is very difficulta similar incidence was faced by Mr. Mahesh Patil and me. The consistent follow-up and determination of Mr. Mahesh Patil and his wife Mrs. Mayuri Patil for 18 months got them back their 23 lakhs 50 thousand. 

The story of Mahesh Patil’s struggle

  • Mahesh patil and his family resides in mulund east.
  • They decide to buy a seperate flat for themselves in Mulund East. They decided to buy a flat of Mrs.Sawant resident of BhaviniEnclave CHS Ltd.of Mulund East.
  • Accordingly Mr. Mahesh gave Rs. 23 lakhs 50 thousand advance (as token) to the sawant family.
  • he requested Mrs. Sawant to give him the required documents for applying a house loan from the bank.
  • Mr. Mahesh Patil asked Mrs. Sawant to give him the sale deed and other documents, few of which was given to him.
  • The bank required a ‘no objection letter’ from BhaviniEnclave CHS., which was not given by Mrs. Sawant till the end.
  • While Mr. Mahesh Patil was trying for the home loan somebody brought to his notice that Sawant family had already sold the flat to Mr.Vivek Vidhyadhar Patil in 2016.
  • Mr.Vivek Patil was already alloted with a home loan of 90 lakhs from the Bank of India, Girgaum Branch.
  • Bank of India, Girgaum branch had already issued a cheque of Rs. 90 lakhs in favour ofMrs.Sawant on 17thMay 2016.

Bank of India cheque in favour of Mrs. Sawant

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Surprisingly Sawant family had sold their flat to Mr.Vivek Patil in 2016.Both Mr. Vivek Patil and Mrs.Sawant submitted the flat related documents to bank of india GirgaumBranch and had taken a loan of Rs. 90 lakhs from the Bank. Mr. Vivek Patil also paid a few installments initially for the same. later neither Mrs. Sawant vacant the flat nor did Mr. Vivek Patil ask him to do so rather both of them together got the money divided amongst themselves. Mrs.Sawant then decided to sell the same flat to Mr. Mahesh Patil and cheat him.        

          Mrs. Sawant took Rs. 23 lakhs 50 thousand from Mahesh Patil as advance (Tokan) on 28thAug 2016 and also promised to co-operate with Mr. Mahesh for availing the home loan from bank but this fact was revealed when Mahesh demanded the ‘no objection certificate’ from Mrs. Sawant.

          Meanwhile Mr. Mahesh Patil also came to know from vikroli registration office that sale deed of the flat was made in the name of Mr. Vivek Patil.

  • Sawant family produced the documents showing that he had sold the flat to Mr.Vivek Patil for Rs. 1 crores 20 lakhs. 
  • All  the documentations like the Purchase deed, Registration of the flat was done.
  • After receiving Rs. 23 lakhs 50 thousand from Mr. Mahesh Patil Mrs. Sawant started negotiating the sale of the same flat with Mr.VinayMhatre.
  • Mrs. Sawant also took Rs. 1 lakh as advance from Mhatre family.
  • Mr. Mahesh Patil had applied  for home loan from another bank, the bank also approved his loan but it was not granted as Mrs. Sawant was not producing the complete documents.
  • Mr. Mahesh Patil got suspicious and told Mrs.Sawant that he wanted to cancel the deal.
  • He demanded his 23 lakhs 50 thousand back from Mrs. Sawant .
  • But Mr. Sawant started delaying in making the payment.
  • This worried Mr. Mahesh Patil. he came and met me and narrated the entire condition.

Application of Mahesh Patil

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After taking the entire information from him I started my follow-up with the following officials along with his application.

  • Deputy Commissioner of Police, Zone VII, Mulund
  • Mr.Dinbandhu Mohopatra, Managing Director/C.E.O., Bank of India.
  • Zonal Manager, Bank of India.
  • Registrar Cooperative Society


  • I personally informed about the fraud done by Mrs. Sawant to Bank of India GirgaumBranch.
  • But the bank said that it was not responsible as they had disbursed the loan amount to Mrs. Sawant only after Mr. Vivek Patil submitted the the documents of the sale and  after the verification of the documentation of that flat the loan was approved.

Bank of India Letter 

We are not in fault

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  • In a letter dated 8thMarch 2018, the Bank of India tried to deny the matter by giving us the reply that there was nothing wrong in the Agency.
  • Local officials of the Bank of India had disbursed the loan without checking the authenticity of the documents and failed to do the follow-up in the case of Mr.Vivek Patil who had pursued it.
  • The bank officials knew that Mr. Vivek Patil had taken the home loan from the bank but still the related officers ignored it.
  • This is the procedure for paying the installments for a few months after getting loan from the bank and then becoming a Defaulter.      
  • The local officers were also involved in it.
  • In this case also the local bank officials of bank of india along with the Sawant family, Vivek Patil were involved. And hence the senior bank officials and the police were helping me and Mahesh Patil.
  • Taking loan with the banks consent for purchasing flat, showing the flat to several people, taking advance, selling the flat and cheating several people was the plan of Sawant family and Vivek Patil, with coalition of the local authorities.
  • I could help in giving justice to the innocent/honest Mahesh Patil and bringing out this fraud.

          In December 2016, Mrs.Sawant also had dealt with Mr. Vinay Mhatre regarding the sale of the flat and taken Rs. 1 lakh as a token from him. Mr. Mhatre has also lodged a complaint with the Mulund Police Station and is yet to receive his money back.

          This proves that Mrs. Sawant had cheated three people all together.

  • Sawant prepared bogus NOC in the name of the society and gave it to Mr. Vivek Patil.
  • Mr. Vivek Patil informed Mrs.Sawant that he could not complete their deal in June 2016.
  • Within two months after getting the money Sawant family and Vivek Patil made a cancellation agreement of the flat sale.
  • Along with these original documents, Vivek Patil and Sawant family made a plan and borrowed Rs. 90 lakh from Bank of India to buy the flat and deposited it in Sawant's account with ICICI Bank. Out of this, Mrs.Sawant took Rs. 50 lakhs and Rs 40 lakh was given to Mr.Vivek Patil
  • Such type of letter was submitted in the City Civil Court no.37 by Mrs.Sawant.
  • It was shown that Mrs. Sawant had taken a personal loan of Rs. 50 lakhs from Mr. Vivek Patil at 5% interest and the flat was mortgaged in turn for the same.
  • There after immediately on 16th June 2016 fake documents such as letter written by Mr. Vivek Patil to Mrs. Sawant stating that he did not want the flat and asking Mrs.Sawant to pay his money back were created.
  • I along with Mahesh Patil, Police Officers, Managing Director of Bank of India, and Chief Vigilance Officer of Bank of India followed up this case with the Finance Minister (GOI). This fraud done by Sawant to Mahesh Patil brought about and efforts were taken to take action against Sawant Parivar, Vivek Patil and local officials of Bank of India.
  • In this way with rigourous and regular follow-up with different police officials, senior officials of Bank of India finally city civil court no.37 gave its Judgement.
  • According to the judgement of the court finally Mrs. sawant returned back Rs. 23 lakhs 50 thousand to Mr.Mahesh Patil on 18th February 2019.

          The Chief Vigilance Officer of Bank of India, Shri Devendra Sharma co-operated a lot with us.

Letter from The Chief Vigilance Officer, Bank of IndiaGranted that the scam happened

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  • The Bank of India letter dated 8th March 2018 which was never agreed their mistake, evenafter explained the scam and deliberately support Mrs. Sawant and Vivek Patil and other side Chief Vigilance Officer has agreed the scam and instructed to lodge a complaint and gave justic to Mahesh Patil.
  • He lodged our/Mahesh Patil’s complaint.
  • He ordered the Genral Manager of the bank ot investigate this matter.
  • The Chief Vigilance Officer , Shri Devendra Sharma accepted that Mahesh Patil was cheated and immediatly orderd investigation in this matter. He also informed Girgaon Police station and lodged a complaint in this matter.
  • Girgaon Police Station accepted this crime about Bank of India and lodged a complaint/FIR against Vivek Patil, Sawant family and the local officials of the Bank.
  • After investigation and inquiry Girgaon Police along with the Bank of India officials of Mulund confisicated mr.sawant’s flat in Bhavini Enclave CHS., Mulund East.
  • Finally Mahesh Patil got justice and his money back. and also with the help of police the criminal proceedings were under taken.        

Mahesh Patil came to meet me along with his wife to thank me and said….

“Sir, you stand firmly behind us without which this would not have been possible Otherwise it would be difficult "