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“I will Walk Again" .....Sayali

Kirit Nama – 16

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" I will walk again".

'Mai fir Apne Per par Khadi Rahungi' is the determination, commitment of Sayali. She had a Dream to become a Government Officer. Sayali Sanjay Dhamdhere, a young girl of 22, living at a Small Town of Junnar in Pune district.

On this Dipawali, on 28 October 2019, I got greetings form Shri Sanjay Dhamdhere, father of Sayali. He also wrote to me-

" Sayali atta Chalayla Lagli Aahe'

"Sayali started walking now"

Thanks for your support and good wishes.

Story of Sayali's 'Jidd' Determination

Sayali a young girl of 22 years, was preparing for MPSC/UPSC examinations. She passed B.Sc. with 78% marks.

In September/October 2016, She came to Mumbai/Thane to her relatives, for coaching, preparations for her exams. She was to return to her parents on 20th October 2016.

SIAC Hall Tickets

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Sayali's Family got shocked on that day. They received a message 'Sayali has met with a major Railway Accident'.

She was taking a train, Indrayani Express, from Kalyan to go to her home town Junnar, lost balance while taking/riding the train. She fell down between gap of platform and track. Got trapped, came under the train and lost both feet.

The wheels of the train rolled over her legs, crushing both the feet and her future

Midday Paper News

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Railway Police Officials and passengers rushed her to Bai Rukminibai Government Hospital at Kalyan.  Thereafter she was shifted to Jupiter Hospital in Thane for further treatment.

As soon as I heard the news, I rushed to Jupiter Hospital. l had discussion with Jupiter Hospital Management and Doctors and Family Members of Sayali.

The 22-year-old girl suddenly suffered severe physical and psychological pain, distress. Her family was under Shock. Both of her legs were amputated.

Our office, organization Yuvak Pratishthan, has handled such cases in past. In past few years we are trying to provide good treatment and artificial limbs (prosthesis) to such railway accidents victims.

Our project 'Limbs for Life' become known.

Sayali needed both Medical and Psychological Support. After consulting the doctors, I called such half a dozen victims to Jupiter Hospital.  They also had gone through similar trauma. They also had similar type of railway accidents, but recovered, started new life. They are now leaving normal lives.

  • Dr. Roshan Shaikh had met with a train accident in Mumbai, lost both legs. Roshan is now leaving a normal life with modern Artificial legs.
  • Navnath Yamgar, 22-year-old youngster, lost his right leg and right hand in a railway accident at Andheri.  We provided him with a prosthetic leg and hand of a good quality. He is living now a normal life.
  • While Monica More was a student, she lost both her hands from wrists in a train accident at Ghatkopar.
  • Tanvir Shaikh, aged 22, lost both his legs in a train accident at Kurla in 2014, we helped him, provided modern artificial legs. Today he runs a mobile shop at Sion.

Half a Dozen such Young Fighters met Sayali at Hospital. They explained their experiences and motivated Sayali.

Visiting Sayali at Jupiter Hospital

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I was very happy, when I saw smile on Sayali's face that day. Determination to Come Out from this face of life.

  • Hospital Authorities suggested expenditure of Rs.28 lac.
  • Prosthetic/Artificial Legs will cost more than Rs. 10 lacs.
  • I urged Jupiter Hospital Management, Dr. Ajay Thakkar and his son        Dr. Ankit Thakkar to consider this as a Social Commitment and provide maximum concession.
  • After consulting her Family and Hospital Authorities decision was taken to go for best treatment....
  • Over Rs. 20 lacs donations were collected.

Various trusts including-

  • Yuvak Pratishthan
  • Lotus Foundation
  • Tata Trusts
  • Siddhivinayak Trust
  • Other Organisations including Sayali's relatives and villagers, Mr Sudhir Sawant, Shri Ashok Sathe, Dr. Marathe, Shri Rajesh Gangurde, Shri Yatish Gujarati, Shri Yatin Khanna, Shri Ramesh Taskar gave good considerable contribution/financial aid.

Appeal for Financial Help

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After two months of treatment in December 2016, Sayali was given discharge from hospital. She went to her home to Junnar.

After two years of follow up treatment/surgeries, Sayali was ready to put on prosthetic legs.

Few Months back most Modern Artificial Legs are given/fitted to Sayali. Now Sayali walks slowly on her own feet (with most modern artificial, prosthetic legs).

Once again Sayali has started preparing for the MPSC, UPSC exams.

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Sayali ko PunarJivan ke liye Shubhechha! 

Best wishes for a New Life to Sayali!!!