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Pooja Ki Mark Sheet

Kirit Nama - 8

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Miss. Pooja Mahesh Kulkarni, a young girl from Thane/Mumbai was troubled to get admission for her Mission/ Ambition Project to learn/research for Genetics

The education infrastructure for “Master in Genetics” is better in UK and USA. Pooja declared passed by Mumbai University in B. Sc.  She also got admission offer letter from Newcastle University, UK.   Though she was declared passed but the mark sheet and passing certificate not delivered by Mumbai University to her.

Unless she submits the mark sheet, her admission in New Castle University, UK was not confirmed.  The last date for submission was coming near very fast.  Pooja and her father Mahesh Kulkarni were moving door to door but the administrative issues in Mumbai University made their task difficult, almost impossible.   Pooja was afraid she will loose the life time opportunity, i.e. admission in Maser in Genetics in Newcastle University, UK.

Pooja’s father Mahesh Kulkarni, sometime in the beginning of July tweeted me.  I responded him through twitter and asked him to send the details and to contact me at my office.

Mahesh Kulkarni’s response

”Respected sir,

Many Thanks for your response on Twitter today.

My immense love to you as always.

He sent me details (given below)

“ Sir

My daughter has got "conditional offer" from "Newcastle university UK " for doing masters. She has just completed her Bsc from vazekelkar college with 9.5 CGPA rating.

But university of UK will not confirm unless we get individual marksheet from Mumbai university.  If this is delayed then her career will be damaged. She wants pursue her career in Genetics and do research to benefit India, she is keen for.

KINDLY follow up with Mumbai University for sooner individual marksheet as even provisional marksheet from college will not be enough, they say.”

I sent Messages, e-mails, WhatsApp to various officials of Mumbai University

  1. Vice-Chancellor
  2. Registrar
  3. Deputy Registrar
  4. Controller of Examination

I asked Pooja and Mahesh Kulkarni to once again write an application to the Registrar, Mumbai University and send a copy to me. They once again submitted the application.

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The Registrar and Deputy Registrar were polite, cooperative asked me to send Pooja to Mumbai University, Kalina Campus and contact in person with the Controller of Examination and Deputy Registrar.

Those two days Pooja and her father were in constant touch with all those officials and met them in person also.

The deadline to submit the marksheet was very close.

After persistent follow-up by me, my office and persuasion by Pooja and her Father, with the Deputy Registrar, Controller of Examination official of Mumbai University, response started receiving from officials.

Same day evening while coming out from the University Mahesh Kulkarni messaged/ intimated me

“My work done, Thanks you very much”

“This regarding my work at kalina

Mumbai university.

We met Dr. vinod patil ( controller of exam) & others. They helped us.

It was your great help and support that we got marksheet of my daughter Pooja Mahesh kulkarni of her Bsc final.  She could get Newcastle university UK confirmation in time.

Your help is unforgettable for us.

We wish meet you today for a few minutes to express our gratitude.

-- Mahesh kulkarni”

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Couple of days later Mahesh Kulkarni and Pooja came to meet me and said

“But I wish our efforts should help all students facing similar problems.

The Mumbai university admin should improve.

Thanks a lot sir.

I personally love you for decades. -------.”

- Mahesh kulkarni

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Pooja & Mahesh Kulkarni at my office

Many times I feel the mismanagement and apathy of Politicians, the Education Department and the Administration of Mumbai University results into horrible harassment for the student. 

Some times the students loose the better opportunity for further education due to delay in declaration of result or making available marksheet.

Once, Mumbai University was rated as top university in India.  Today we need its improvement. 

There are good people who are sensitive and behave as responsible official, which helped Pooja to secure admission in Newcastle University, UK to go for Master in Genetic.

In Pooja’s case positive response from Registrar shri. Ajay Deshmukh, Controller of Examination Dr. Vinod Patil, Shri. Vasave Deputy Registrar needed to be appreciated.

 I express my best wishes for Pooja’s Mission for research in genetic to serve the country and mankind.

I am also giving below excerpt from Mahesh Kulkarni’s letter to me, which is  self-explanatory.

By – Mahesh Kulkarni, Thane (Father of Pooja)

I am sure I have not seen such a committed, down to earth and reachable public representative anywhere in India. He is the unique example of how a public representative should be. I got experience of his prompt support to genuine personal need recently.

  • My daughter has been extremely focused about career and has been kin to pursue in Genetics.
  • She was fortunate to get offer letter from New Castle Univerty UK and was waiting for her BSc result. The result was excellent but then unless we upload her final Marksheet and passing certificate we would not get her confirmation from Newcastle University.
  •  We were aware of administration issues in Mumbai University and amount of time that they would take to give us her Marksheet & passing certificate.
  • We were extremely worried due to a single reason that marksheet may be delayed and it may affect Pooja’s chances of getting confirmation for admission in Masters Course in such an excellent university.
  • Pooja was tensed, nervous and anxious. I made a humble request to Kirit Somaiya sir just knowing his eagerness to help for genuine reasons.
  • He shared his personal & office number and followed up to Mumbai University to get her final passing certificate in time. For me this experience and Kirit Bhai’s gesture will be unforgettable forever.
  • The security at the Mahatma Phule bhavan, Mumbai University were not ready to allow us to enter examination building and meet Exam controller.
  • But I called Kirit bhai and Kirit bhai’s office and they followed up there also. They convinced security of Mumbai University and allowed us to enter. I was so impressed that even when Dr. Vinod Patil was busy in meeting, Kirit Sir Office staff had spoken to the PA and ensured that we could meet him. This is amazing and that is the reason I said earlier here that this experience was unforgettable. He spoke to Patil Sir when we were there and ensured that ensured that we get Marksheet and passing certificate.” I do not think any member of parliament taking personal interest and time to solve any ordinary individual’s genuine problem.
  • I do not think any member of parliament taking personal interest and time to solve any ordinary individual’s genuine problem.
  • First time I saw you do not get tears only by sorrows or pleaure but even you get tears in eyes out of a respect for someone when you are impressed by more than expected support. We were struggling on all fronts.

Mahesh Kulkarni, Thane.

(Father of Pooja)