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Kirit Nama – 15

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I received a call on 16th August, 2019 from Shri NARENDRA VISHWAKARMA.He Said  -

“Sir, I got a new life (New Birth).  Two years have been completed, your blessings are required.”

Sir, due to your efforts my Heart-Transplant was done in Mulund’s Fortis Hospitaltwo years back and I got my new life.  Your office bearers have also put their best efforts to get me a new life.Now, my heart is beating accuretrely with the new heart and I am completely living healthy-life since two years “Health is Wealth”.

It happened  like this ……

Shri Narendra Vishwakarma, aged 24 years, resides at Pant Nagar, Ghatkopar, Mumbai.

On 27th February, 2016 he found difficulty in walking.  He suffered breathing problem while walking as well as sleeping.  He consulted many doctors, Cardiologist for treatment but could not find relief in breathing.  He was not getting proper treatment.  On 11th October, 201,  Dr. Potdar, an eminent Heart Specialist, checked him, found right diagnosis and gave his opinion that the patienthas beens suffering from a disease known as ‘Dilated Cardiomyopathy’.  For this disease the patient was taking different types of medicines but without any result.   He had even undergone Angiography but no blockages were found and his breathing problem remained same. Dr. Potdar suggested for his Heart-Transplantation as there is no other alternative or substitute treatment available.  It was the firm opinion of Dr. Potdar and Dr. Anvay Muley, his associate doctor.

The authorities of Fortis Hospital, Mulund had given a quotation of Rs. 20,00,000/-

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  • The doctors, diagnosized that the patient is required to undergo NEW HEART – PLANTATION – (by Operation)  
  • The financial condition of the Patient was very weak.  He was unable to spend such a huge amount for his  heart transplant..
  • His father is a Carpenter, he is a Labour.  Their annual income is         Rs. 84,000/- only at that time.
  • 5 family members were depending on him.
  • In this situation, their mental health was disturbed.
  • It was not possible for the family to arrasnge such a huge amount for medical treatment, surgery, transplantation, etc.
  • The whole family was in anxiety.  They had no proper knowledge for tackling the problem. They couldn’t even understand the meaning of organ transplant.They were totally in fix - who will manage the money? What to do?  These were the big questions for them, without any  answer.
  • Shri Ram Naresh Vishwakarma met Shri Santosh Sarote, a Social Worker of Fortis Hospital and told him about the patients’s poor financial condition.
  • Shri Santosh Sarote told him not to worry and gaveassurance that he would try his best to solve his family’s financial problem .
  • Shri Santosh Sarote gave him some Forms of various Trusts and told to fill the same and approach the trusts.  He also gave assurance that he will also try his best to get financial help from  the trusts for this noble cause.

Appeal from Fortis Hospital

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  • Income Certificate and Ration Card are important documents to be enclosed with the Form for obtaining financial health from Trust and ChiefMinister Fund.
  • Shri Parag Shah from his Ghatkopar office advised him/concern family members to visit Kirit Somaiya Ji at Mulund (East).
  • Ialways available in my office situated at Neelam Nagar, Mulund (East) from  10 AM on every Saturday as a PUBLIC DAY.
  • So, they met me on 27th April, 2017; myself alongwith (my Medical Representative) Shri NatubhaiParekh were present.  We discussed the problem of Shri Narendra Vishwakarma in person and determined to solve his serious problem of finance.
  • I assured Shri Ram Naresh Vishwakarma to have patience and told him we will try our best to help you to ease your problem.
  • We have a good company of well-wishers, your Son will be alright.  My office colleagues enthusiastically started work for a good noble cause.  Narendra will get a new life – this was our aim, where there is a will there is way, WE WILL FIND A WAY.
  • Shri NatubhaiParekh initially tried to get authentic Income Certificate from the authorities.

Family Income Certificate of Narendra Vishwakarma

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  • We prepared a set of letters for financial help for medical treament of  Shri Ram Naresh Vishwakarma to be sent to Chief Minister, TATA TRUST, SIDDHIVINAYAK TRUST, etc. These set of papers contain correspondence, letters, Ration Card, Quotation given by Fortis Hospital,  letter issued by Dr. VIJITA SHETTY for financial help etc. alongwith my request letter to provide financial help for this noble cause.  The concerned person was advised to send such set of letters to different trusts for getting financial help.
  • Shri NATUBHAI PAREKH tried his best to get a cheque of Rs. 3,00,000 from Chief Minister’s Relief Fund issued to the authorities of Fortis Hospital, Mulund.
  • Financial Help obtained starting from TATA Trust (Rs. 5 Lakhs and 98 Thousands) SIDDHIVINAYAK TRUST (Rs. Twenty Five Thousands), etc.
  •  Before this Shri NATUBHAI visited the concerned doctors of Fortis and convinced them that Shri Kirit Somaiya is trying his level best to get financial help from various trusts, so the doctors must start medical treatment including medicine, surgery, transplantation etc. as early as possible to save the life of the patient.
  • Then, the medical paper work started.   The patient’s name was enrolled in J. J. Hospital Zonal Transplant, Co-ordination Centre (ZTCC) submitting all  the required papers of the patient, as per rules.
  • There is a special committee of qualified doctors in the Hospital.  This committee collects and prepares the information of patient’s Blood Group and other information and notes the information in a Register and send the well informative Register to the Fortis Hospital (or any other Hospital, wherethe operation would be done). These information decide what type of Heart-Organ is required for the patient.  After that a patient is allotted a specific number to obtain a specific Heart-Organ.
  •  ZTCC is an Institute for booking an Organ transplant.  It prepares a computerized waiting list and informed the number of required and acquired.
  • The rules and other conditions for Organ Donation is available at website Link.


  • Sometimes, when a person is seriously injured, doctors declare that theperson is Brain Dead,  they advise the patient’s family members that a person cannot live for a longer time, he can survive on ‘Life  Saving Support’ for few hours only.
  • In that situation, the doctors call the relatives of the patient and tell them the importance of Organ-Donation.
  • In that situation, the family members may loose their mental balance.  But once they realize that their near and dear family member, who met with an trauma, may not survive for long time but only for few hours, they give permission to doctors and hospital for  Organ Donation togive new life to another half a dozens Patients by transplantation.

Information received from J. J. Hospital

  • After getting the due permission, the organs are taken out from the body,  preserve for 6 to 8 hours.
  • For preservation of the organs, the organs are taken to thase hospitals where preservation facility is available.
  •  After that, the organs are brought to that hospital, where the transplant   facility is available.
  • Clinical Reports of the person whose organs are taken and report of the patient who needs organ transplant are matched.
  • The quick, immediate contact is made between the hospitals.
  •  The needed person is immediately admitted in the required hospital.
  • The organ is brought by Green Corridor.
  • The team of Air-Ambulance, Ambulance, Police, Traffic Police bring the organ to be tranplanted to the concerned hospital, the approaching road is  well planned and cleared by Traffic Police, other vehicles are informed to vacate the road  as easy as possible.
  • The team of the doctors get ready for their distributed work in Operation Theatre (OT).  On 17th August at 1.47 AM (midnight) the heart of a young lady transported from Ruby Hall Hospital, Pune reachedFortis Hospital, Mulund about 3.36 AM;it took just 1 hour 49 minutes to travel 143km.
  • In this way, the Heart Transportations are being done in Fortis Hospital, Mulund.

In the case of Shri Narendra Vishwakarma since 27th April, 2016 he was in Que of getting the suitable Heart-Organ.Every time he had to face one or another difficulty.But every cloud has a silver line,on the day of 16 th August, 2017 he received a telephone call from Fortis’ Hospital to get admitted immediately.He approached Fort’s Hospital same day in the evening.His medical check up started, an accident of a young lady belonging to KOLHAPUR occurred onMumbai-Pune Expressway.She was only 22 years old.Her head was injured seriously.Her treatment took place at Ruby Hall Hospital, Pune and doctors declared that her Brain is Dead.She can survive on Ventilators and Lifesaving Support only.Her next to keen were being informed by the hospital authorities .

The medical Social Worker had informed her relations about the Organ Donation.At such critical time it is very painful for the relatives to take decision about organ-donation that toowithin a short timee.The relations gave consent. Her lungs organs were sent to CHENNAI.

          On 17th August at 1.47 AMthe Heart of the deceased lady was brought from Ruby Hall Hospital, Pune with a team of doctors.  They reached to Fortis Hospital, Mumbai at 3.36 AM exactly in 1.49 min by covering 143km.

The News from The Times of India

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On 16th August, 2017,Shri Narendra Vishwakarma was admitted in Fortis Hospital, Mulund at 10.30 AM and taken to Operation Theater at about 1.30 AM, the operation continued for 6.30 hoursand completed at 8 AM on 17th August, 2017.  After that he was kept in ICU and SPECIAL-ROOM for 15 days.

He was discharged from hospital on 29thAugust, 2017.  His parents were given many instructions for diet and not to go out of house for 6 months to avoid infection. 

Dr. Anvay Muley and his Associates Dr. Ashish, Dr. Upen, Dr. Jadhav, Dr. Sandeep and other hospital officials have offered great contribution, dedication to save the life of the person.

Discharge Certificate

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After 9 months when he was allowed to come out of his house, he came to my office with a Box full of sweets seeking blessings from me.  His father was with him. Everyone’s eyes filled with tears who were present there in my office.  These tears were showing their happiness.

The Pedhas offered by Narendra was very sweet among I ever yet.

Narendra and his father in my office

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Today Shri Narendra Vishwakarma is working in a Private Company in Andheri and earning a glood  salary to meet his monthly medicine expenditures and daily outgoing, etc.

With the cooperation and support from the institutes, the people, the doctors, my colleagues, Shri Natubhai Parekh (An Angel), medical Social Representative, Shri Santosh Sarote, Shri. Parag Shah, Shri. Ashok Rai, Shri Golitiya and others, I became successful to do this difficult work.  The promises given to Shri Viswakarma’s family on 27th April, 2017 was fulfilled on 17th August, 2017. I am grateful and thankful to everyone who are directly or indirectly involved in this Great Operation. 

To get such a great opportunity to save someone’s life is a part of Goodluck.  Only destiny, determines the hands, offer golden chance for human being.

And the satisfaction and happiness derives from such incidents definitely cannot be comparable  with the materialistic world.


  • Tremendous will power to live life
  • Extreme efforts consistency
  • Boldness to fight the calamity
  • People gives help for a strong person  
  • Proper Guidance at exact time
  • Financial Assistance
  • The Green Corridor method
  • “Aim (लक्ष्य) of everyone was to give New Life to Narendra Vishwakarma.”