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“Death due to heart attack in running train.”

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On Thursday, the 13th June, 2019 morning at around 07.30 AM, I received a message from my colleague Shri Digambar Prabhu in a running train.

“Shri D Sanathanam died due to heart attack in a running train (before Gulbarga Station) while travelling to Mumbai from South, please help the family.”

I immediately called back Shri Digambar Prabhu and asked for the details. He is a dramatist and colleague of mine staying at Mulund East, Mumbai


Digambar told me that Shri Santhanam, an inhabitant of Mulund East, Mumbai while travelling along with his family to South, suddenly got a heart attack before Gulbarga Railway Station in the running train. Immediately, Railway officials detrained the dead body at Gulbarga Station, the family is in panic and chaos, not able to understand what to do further.

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I asked Digambar to send me the details. I immediately contacted important persons in the Railways, Railway Minister’s Office, DRM CSMT, Mumbai and my Delhi Assistant Shri Pankaj Bisht. Pankaj and my co-associates in Mumbai Shri Rajesh Mataliya and Shri Mahendra Jain of Railway Pravashi Sangh, Shri Narendra Patil, EDPG in Railway Minister Shri Piyush Goyal’s Office, Shri Sanjay Jain, DRM CSMT, Dr. Umesh Yadav, MP Gulbarga.

After few minutes Shri Sanjay Jain called me back and informed me that Shri Hitendra Malhotra, DRM, Solapur is in-charge of Gulbarga Zone. He has requestedShri Malhotra to take care of the bereaved family and help them. Immediately we contacted Shri Malhotra and sent the following details to him.

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I also contacted the family of Shri Sanathanam. They were in panic.

  • The whole situation was shocking for the family. Railways/Police officials unloaded/detrainedthe dead body at Gulbarga Station.
  • They briefed the family that they will be taken to the nearby hospital for inquest post mortem and other formalities. The family wished to avoid post mortem. After discussing with officials, I suggested the family that they must allow and the medical and police team to complete all the formalities including the inquest post mortem.

Meanwhile, I discussed with Solapur DRM, Shri Hitendra Malhotra and requested him to expedite the procedure and also requested him, as there is no senior person available, it is better a senior officer should coordinate with the family and all others authorities including Railway Protection Force (RPF), Government Railway Police (GRP), the hospital, railway officials at Gulbarga Railway Station.

After few minutes the DRM Office informed me that they asked the senior officer to rush to Gulbarga. The senior railway officer visited the site and contacted the family and all concerned officers. Subsequently, he telephoned me that he has contacted the family and is coordinating with all concerned and action will be started fortwith.

At about 12.30 PM the Santhanam family informed me that they are in the hospital and things are now moving, the local BJP activist, representative of Dr. Umesh Yadav, MP are also helping them. Other formalites were completed without any delay. Local BJP MLA of Gulbarga and his secretary Shri Pravin Kulkarni also helped the family to complet the formality.

The Railway authorities also helped the family to arrange Hearse Van to carry the body to Mumbai. About 01.30 PM when I contacted Digambar and the family of Shri Santhanam they told me that the family along with the deadbody has already started travelling towards Mumbai, likely to reach Mumbai by midnight.

The Railway officials were quite helpful, asked the family to start travel, and told that the remaining necessary papers will be sent hrough whatsapp and courier service to them subsequently to avoid dealy of about 2 hours. The family started journey, meanwhile the Railway officials sent them the necessay papers/documents through whatsapp.

The family reached Mumbai Border at arount 12.30 AM (midnight). When they approached the Mulund East Police Station to take permission for cremation the Police asked for original documents. When the family explained the situation and give them the important documents and explained that other documents being sent to them through whatsapp. My colleague Shri Digambar also requested the police officials on my behalf. The officer of Mulund East Police Station shown sensitivity and within few minutes issued necessary permissio for cremation.

Next day, that is on 14th June, 2019 at Mulund East Samsan Bhumi Shri Santhanam’s Antim Sanskar took place.

With the help of all concerned, Railways, Police officials and intiative by Shri Digambar Prabhu and Shri Sanjay Jain and Shri Santhanam’s family, we could bring the deadbody within 24 hours from Gulabarga to Mumabi and able to complete the Antim Sanskar.

We pray to the God that such situation may not occurwith anybody. We also pray for Shanti of the departed soul.

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On this occasion I would like to state that sometime this type of things may happen in somebody’s life. It is a panic, chaos, saddening but one must handle the situation with calmness.

Here I would also like to mention –

  • The authorities insist that the deadbody will be handed over to the nearest authentic relative.
  • The inques post moretm in any unnatural death is must and advisable.
  • Many time it is required for further proceedings including judicial.
  • For the satisfacton of all the family members also it is necessary because afterwards somtime in some of the family members mind it may appear whether the death was unnatural.
  • Other authorities like Life Insurance Corporation also ask for inquest post mortem report.
  • In any unnatural death including the death in running train, one must understand that several authorities get involved – Railway Protecton Force (RPF), Government Railway Police (GRP), Local Police, the Train Attendant, RailwayStationMaster, Railway/Civil Hospital.  Coordination amongst themselve is very important.
  • In such cases, deadbody is to be transproted in medical ambulance, but it is better to transport in Herse van.
  • It must be noted that the local police station, where deadbody is taken for cremation, required all such documents in original along with the report from the civil hospital, preminilary findings of the post mortment report, police report with the areas (where the incident happened) and Railways report.
  • The local police station after going through all the documents give permission to the family for cremation/antim sanskar.
  • It is better to complete the remaning formalities at the earliest and get the death certificate from the authority.
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          This incidence teaches us a lot. If you’re persuasive, sensitive towards the troubled family, all hurdles can be overcome.