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“Cremation after 40 days of death”

Success to Son Punit Mehra’s efforts

Kirit Nama – 21

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Successfully after the continuous efforts of 40 days, Punit Mehra could finally cremate his mother’s (Rita Mehra) mortal remains in the motherland as per her wish.


          Rita Mehra, who was travelling with her son Punit Mehra from Melbourne to Mumbai by flight, was struck with massive heart attack in the flight, due to which emergency landing had to be done at Zhengzhou, China where she was admitted but unfortunately was declared dead.


          Recently, we are witnessing various incidents caused due to the wide spreading Corona Virus. There are different stories of problems caused by Corona. Only people who are attached to the patients affected by this virus can understand the problems or difficulties. But in case of Rita Mehra, who was declared deceased after emergency landing of the flight,  where she suffered with massive heart attack in the flight and was admitted to Zhengzhou Hospital in China.  This story is about the problems that Mrs. Mehra’s family faced, their pain and the long period of 40 days after which the funeral took place…….


  • The arrangements were made to keep the dead body of Late Mrs. Rita Mehra,  mother of Dr. Punit Mehra in a hospital in China.
  • Then Dr. Punit Mehra was summoned to the Police Station for his statement.
  • He was then informed that it was necessary to procure the permission of Indian Embassy after which the process of post mortem would be undertaken which would atleast take a time of one month.
  • Punit was continuously following up for 12 days, trying to bring back the mortal remains of his mother to Mumbai.
  • No one was prepared to provide the death certificate through post mortem, Indian Embassy also expressed its helplessness. In this situation, Punit returned to India leaving the mortal remains of his deceased mother in the hospital in China.
  • After returning to India Punit took the assistance of his aunty, Mrs. Babli Arora.
  • Punit and Bubli Arora, sister of Rita Mehra, contacted me on February 15th through my business associate Mr. D. P. Singh
  • In the process of the follow up in this matter, we took the following steps immediately:
  • Contacted Mr. V. Muraleedharan, Minister for State, Foreign   Affairs &
  • Joint Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China
  • Continuous coordination with the Indian Embassy in Beijing, China.
  • Daily follow up by Mr. Pankaj Bisht, my Office Secretary in Delhi office in this matter.

Our letter to Indian Embassy Beijing for assistance

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Message from Mrs. Babli Arora

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Late Rita Mehra

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  • After which within two days Mr. Punit Mehra was instructed about the procedure by the Indian Embassy officer, Mr. Arvind Kumar.      
  • It had happened so, that due to the non co-operation of the Health Department, the Police Department and Foreign Ministry of Beijing, China and the helplessness of the Indian Embassy, it was difficult to know as to what would be the period and the procedure of bringing back the mortal remains.

Letter from Mr. Arvind Kumar officer from Indian Embassy

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  • But eventually due to the continued support of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, the Indian Embassy in China, and daily follow-up of my Delhi Secretary Pankaj Bisht and the cooperation of government officials in China we succeeded in this matter. 
  • The Indian Embassy informed us on March 3, 2020 that all the permits needed to bring the mortal remains of Mrs. Rita Mehra to Mumbai have been arranged and that they are now sending it to Mumbai.
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  • Indian Embassy informed us that Mrs. Rita Mehra's mortal remains would be deported on March 4 at 3:00 pm by Etihad flight EY-208 to reach Mumbai.
  • On March 4 at noon, the aircraft landed at Mumbai Airport with the coffin of Rita Mehra after which it was taken to Bandra West at 7.30pm.
  • Around 30 to 40 people from relatives/family gathered for the funeral at the Hindu Cemetery at Santacruz West when the coffin carrying Rita Mehra’s body reached the cemetery.
  • Late Rita Mehra’s body was finally cremated at the Hindu Cemetery at Santacruz West, Mumbai.

Funeral at Hindu Cemetery in Santacruz

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  • Dr. Punit Mehra was constantly in touch with us.
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  • Sometimes even destiny plays with us and examines us.
  • Rita Mehra went to Melbourne (Australia) to bring back her son Punit who was working there for past five years and during her return journey alongwith her son from Melbourne to Mumbai by flight, she unfortunately suffered a massive heart attack in the flight and had to be admitted in a hospital in China after emergency landing in China, where she expired. But it became difficult to carry her dead body to India as the condition had worsened in China due to Corona Virus, so unfortunately he had to leave her back in China and returned to India without her in deepest grief.
  • But he was determined to get his mother back, so he was seeking help from various sources and God gave us the opportunity to serve the cause and help him in doing so.
  • I am thankful to the Indian Foreign Ministry, Indian Embassy at Beijing, China and especially Mr. Arvind Kumar who helped me in this noble cause on humanitarian grounds.
  • I am happy that I could help the family of the deceased Mrs. Rita Mehra in bringing her dead body back and cremate as per the Hindu Rites which could bring satisfaction to her family by the grace of God and I from the bottom of my Heart thank him for giving me this opportunity.

Rita Mehra’s Son Punit and Husband Rajinder

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