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“66 years old, Shri Roshanlal Arora, Indian tourist died in Pattaya, Bangkok.”

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Shri Roshanlal Roopchand Arora of Chembur, Mumbai with a group of senior citizens went on a tour to Pattaya, Bangkok with Veena World Travels.

Mr. Kishor Arora, son of Shri Roshanlal Arora, resident of Tilak Nagar, Chembur, Mumbai was in stress and panic on 16th September, 2019 after getting a phone call from Pattya, Bangkok that his father got a cardiac arrest and has been hospitalised there.

Mr. Kishor Arora immediately flew to Pattaya from Mumbai. Next day my collegauge Shri Prakash Mehta called me over telephone and asked me to help Mr. Kishor Arora and family.

Immediately I started communication with -

  1. Mr. Kishor Arora at Thailand.
  2. Mr. Hitesh Mehta, neighbour of Mr. Kishor Arora, Neelkanth Vihar, Virat Nagar, Opp. Kurla Terminal , Mumbai.
  3. Officals of Veena World Travels.
  4. Mr. Komal Agarwal, Officer in Indian Embassy, Bangkok.

Mr. Roshanlal Arora along with a group of 15 senior citizens went to Bangkok Tour orgnized by Veena World Travels. They reached Pattaya in the early morning of 16th September, 2019. Whole day the group enjoyed.

Shri Roshanlal Arora on 16th September enjoying with group at Pattaya Park, Thailand

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Suddenly on 16th September night Mr. Roshanlal Arora got a massive heart attack. The local guide of Veena World Travels admitted him in Pattaya Hospital.

Mr. Komal Agarwal from Indian Embassy, Bangkok send me a detailed response. He mentioned-

  • Visited hospital.
  • Patient condition is very critical, kidney not working, brain working very less, 80% heart blockage, in comma.
  • Insurance issue is to be resolved. Hospital Authority is in touch with insurance in India.
  • Huge amount required for kidney dialysis.

Communication from Mr. Komal Agarwal, Indian Embassy, Bangkok

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Shri Sudhir Patil of Veena World Travels helped us to coordinate in Roshanlal Arora’s case. He informed me that Ms. Ishita Shah/Naik, an official of the company, is looking after the insurance issue and she is deputed to coordinate the case.

Message from Shri Sudhir Patil of Veena World

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Myself and my office was in constant touch with Mr. Kishor Arora, Mr. Komal Agarwal, Indian Embassy official at Bangkok, Mr. Hitesh Mehta, neighbour of Shri Roshal Lal Arora. Mr. Kishor Arora sent me a detailed letter/ information on 20th September. He mentioned –

  • He reached Bangkok on 16th September, 2019.
  • His father’s condition is very critical; he stuck there.
  • The medical expenses for his father’s treatment beyond his ability to bear.
  • He is facing difficulties due to local language, laws, regulations and techanilities at Bangkok and requested for help.

Message from Shri Kishor Arora

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Indian Embassy, Bangkok also sent me the medical report of Bangkok Hospital.

Medical Report of Shri Roshanlal Arora

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I would certainly appreciate the concern and cooperation shown by Veena World Travels. Ms. Ishita was constant touch with me, Mr. Kishor Arora and Indian Embassy officials at Bangkok.

Ms. Ishita Shah/Naik, Veena World Officer at Mumbai

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  • Mr. Kishor Arora was facing multiple issues/challenges.
  • His father’s passport was seized by first hospital (Pattaya Hospital) for     non-payment.
  • He was not getting any details about the medical/travel insurance.
  • Both the hospitals are consistently insisting for payment.
  • He transferred couple of lakhs of rupees from his Mumbai Bank Account to Pattya Hospital Account.
  • The hospital authority told him that the medical bill can go upto Rs. 30 lakhs.
  • He was alone.

With the help of Mr. Komal Agarwal and Mr. Mishra of Indian Embassy, Bangkok, officials of Veena World Travels and Reliance Insurance, local police officials, we could sort out the problems.

The ground handler and the insurance companies agreed to arrange payment/cashless facilities for the medical expenses of Mr. Roshanlal Arora.

At last on 21st September Mr. Kishor Arora got back the passport from Pattaya Memorial Hospital.

Copy of Passport of Roshanlal Arora after he dead Indian Embassy at Bangkok cancelled the same

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Meanwhile, Mr. Roshanlal Arora’s health was deteriorating. Doctor told the family that he is at the last stage. On 23rd September 01.36 AM (02.13 AM – Thailand time) Mr. Kishor Arora informed me that his father Mr. Roshanlal Arora passed away at 02.13 AM.

Message from Shri Kishor Arora

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Meanwhile Mr. Komal Agarwal of Indian Embassy was in constant touch with us. He helped us/the family of Mr. Roshanlal Arora to complete the whole process for -

  • Settlement at the hospitals.
  • Post Mortem Report and Police Report.
  • Death Certificate.
  • Cancellation of Passport.
  • Arranging the agency to send back the mortal remains of Mr. Roshanlal Arora to Mumbai.
  • Booking of Cargo and air tickets for the family members to go back to Mumbai.

Certificate from Indian Embassy

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Certificate from the Caretaker (Logistics Agency)

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Communication from Mr. Komal Agarwal, Indian Embassy, Bangkok

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I also took up the issue with all concerned authorities at Thailand and Mumbai to bring back the mortals at Mumbai and to perform antim Sanskar at Hindu Smashan Bhumi, Ghatkopar.

Letter from Myself to Various Officials

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It may be noted in such cases various certificates are necessary. Following is the communication from Mr. Michael in this regard.

Requirement of Documents to bring Mortal (Dead Body) to Mumbai, India.

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We also thanks Shri Mukesh Bhatia of Air India for helping us to bring back the mortals of Shri Roshanlal Arora.

Shri Kishor Arora message/details of Flight

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Mr. Randhir Lamba, GVK Official, Mumbai Airport who always helps us in such cases, arranged and helped to clear all formalities at Mumbai Airport to receive the mortal remains and handed over the same to the concerned family.

Cooperation from GVK/Mumbai Airport Official

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On 23rd September around 02.00 AM Mr. Kishor Arora informed me about the death of his father and on 24th September late evening he informed me he reached Mumbai.

On 24th September midnight Mr. Roshanlal Arora’s dead body arrived Mumbai by AI.

25th September morning at about 11.30 AM antim sanskar, agnidaha was performed at Samshan Bhumi.